Pallini - Ellinogermaniki Agogi Facilities

The infant and toddler swimming programs of Family Athletic Club Ydria use the facilities at the nursery and kindergarten of Ellinogermaniki Agogi. The programs at these facilities were begun in 2006 because the building offers the highest standard. The facilities’ architecture and the choice of colors and materials create a warm, intimate and toddler-friendly environment.

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The swimming pool is specially designed for young children, ideal for offering infant swimming programs. The pool is indoor and heated and there are separate children's changing rooms, a reception area, waiting room and waiting area that can be used before and after classes (with space for snacking or playing).

Purification of the pool is done with ozone, and the water quality is checked thoroughly with an automatic system. Ozone is the ideal way to clean water, especially when the pool is used by infants and toddlers. Regularly conducted water samples are sent for analysis. Finally, the water is purified and renewed constantly since the pool uses an open overflow system.

The facilities have parking spaces within walking distance to the entrance making for easy access.


Address: Platanos 5, Pallini, Attica
Program Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 17:00pm - 20:30pm and Saturday 9:00am - 14:00pm (lessons are half an hour)
Phone: 6982-11-98-55 and 210-817678-1 and 2 (hours: 17:30pm- 20:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 14:00pm)

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